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Professional Development

In a people industry such as hospitality and tourism, the performance of managers and employees plays a critical role in overall business success. Consequently, creating a 'Learning Organisation' is an important feature of any successful company.

Learning is more than just training and we facilitate the development of a learning culture throughout your business. Our first priority is to create the right structures to support learning and development. Once this has been achieved, we will work with you to identify organization-wide learning needs to ensure that all employees have access to opportunities for personal and professional development.

Sample, products and services within our Professional Development portfolio include:

Management & Employee Development

Academic Programmes


HTC Consulting offers programmes in areas such as:

- Leadership and Teambuilding

- Communication Skills

- Managing Conflict

- Presentation Skills

- Coaching and Mentoring

- Recruitment and Selection

- Performance Appraisal Skills

- Managing Training

- Train the Trainer

- Service Excellence

The traditional route to gaining an academic qualification has always been to attend a recognised college on either a full or part-time basis. However, for some employees this is not an attractive option.

To address this, we have designed an accredited work-based Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management , which enables relevant employees to gain a recognized management qualification whilst pursuing full-time employment.

HTC Consulting offers an innovative approach to language learning and courses are:

Industry Specific

Language tutors are experienced hospitality professionals, who incorporate work related situations and activities into language training courses.

Flexible Scheduling

Courses are delivered on-site, offering extremely flexible scheduling options.





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